By-Laws of Peel Pool Association

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1.1 Venues will only be permitted to nominate the maximum number of teams the venue can provide a home for. ie: 2 tables – 2 teams, 4 tables – 4 teams, 6 tables – 6 teams. Note: The Committee reserves the right to negotiate a compromise with venues and teams where circumstances arise that necessitates compromise.

1.2 East to Dwellingup, South to Lake Clifton, North to Port Kennedy, North East to Serpentine.


2.1 Any person attending any meeting to be sober.

2.2 Committee members may represent their team at meetings.


3.1 The Peel Pool Association (Inc.) will abide by the W.A. Eight Ball Federation (Inc.) playing rules with the following additions – (a) Players names to be written on score sheet. Automatic selection then applies. Teams break and adjudicate on the same table all night. (b) The Home Team breaks and adjudicates on table 1. (c) Captains to ensure that continuation of the match is within 2 minutes of previous game finishing.

3.2 Umpires must use a time piece, not drink or smoke whilst in control of a game, must stand and try to be in the most advantageous position throughout the game.

3.3 Neat dress must be worn at all times including footwear.

3.4 No gambling on a game or a match is permitted.

3.5 Members may be of either sex. Members can be of any age provided written consent is provided by a parent/guardian before they play and that a parent/guardian is present on the night of playing if the member is under 18 years of age. It is to be noted that some venues may not allow members under 18 to play at their establishment. It is the Committees discretion to not allow a member who is too young to play.

3.6 Members must act with good sportsmanship, be sober and not be foul mouthed. (a) Members must abide by the Code of Conduct at all times. (b) Association control of a member will commence at the venue 30 minutes prior to the fixtured start time and will cease when the member leaves the premises (ie car park, premises boundary).

3.7 Where both captains agree an Umpire can be replaced during a game.

3.8 The cue ball shall be 1 7/8″ (48mm) and all other balls shall be 2″ (51mm).

3.9 Qualifying games are to be played on Tuesday nights or as per fixtures.

3.10 If teams wish to play on nights other than fixture nights they may do so provided both teams agree to the change and the match is played prior to the following fixture night. The Association to be notified of the change before the scheduled date of play. They must also have permission from the Committee before the scheduled date of the match as shown in the fixtures.

3.11 Where a match is commenced and abandoned before completion, the match is to be rescheduled by the Association.

3.12 Number of teams nominated will determine the amount of divisions.

3.13 At the completion of each season and before commencement of the following season the Committee will place teams in appropriate divisions once nominations are received.

3.14 In the event of a team winning two premierships in succession, they will be elevated to the next grade shown.

3.15 No player can drop more than one division in a single season, which includes summer and winter competitions.

3.16 Mobile phones are not to be used whilst playing or adjudicating. Mobile phones to be at a volume level that will not disturb players.


4.1 Matches commence at 7.30 pm.

4.2 Names on the score sheet before 7.20 pm.

4.3 Not less than 4 players from each team to be present at the time play is to commence.

4.4 If a team has less than 4 players at the time of commencement of play they must forfeit. (a) In the interest of sportsmanship a courtesy time of 15 minutes to be allowed if prior notice is given to opposing teams (eg phone call). This may occur maximum of 3 times per season.

4.5 A team can play out the match with only 4 players forfeiting 1 game of singles from all 5 rounds, total games forfeited is 5.

4.6 To enable the captain to complete score sheet in correct manner when forfeits are involved, refer Bylaw 8.3.

4.7 Matches consist of 5 rounds of singles consisting of 5 games in each round plus 2 doubles, totaling 27 games in all. (a) Summer competitions may vary (Committee discretion).

4.8 The maximum games of singles any one player is permitted on a playing night is 5, which is only once in each set of 5 singles. (a) Summer competitions may vary (Committee discretion).

4.9 A team consists of a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 9 registered players in First Division. Teams in any other division may have unlimited registered players. Only 8 players are allowed to play on any given match night.

4.10 No team is allowed more than 2 current super league or state players in their team.

4.11 Any team forfeiting more than 2 matches in a round shall be disqualified for the remainder of the season. The results of completed rounds stand and the results of in completed rounds are altered to give the same effect as a bye.

4.12 All teams must notify opposing teams and playing venue of a known forfeit prior to 6 pm on night of scheduled match.

4.13 Only Ordinary, Honorary and Life Members to take part in competition play.

4.14 All playing members must register with Association.

4.15 No player under suspension by the Association or owing monies directly to the Association shall take part in any Association event.

4.16 The Association Pool Ball sets are only to be used for Association competition play. The Home team is responsible for the balls on the night. On championship nights it will be the tournament directors responsibility.


5.1 Any application for a transfer must be received by the Association before half of the qualifying rounds have been played. If a player wishes to transfer after this period they must obtain permission from the Committee before playing for a new team.

5.2 Any player who has played in 5 matches with a higher division may not be transferred to a lower division.

5.3 Any person transferring teams can play for the new team provided the transfer form accompanies the score sheet from that nights play. If it is found that the player cannot be transferred due to any breach of the Bylaws then the penalties for playing a player not transferred apply. See Fines and Penalties.

5.4 Any application for transfer shall be made on the Association standard form and signed by both Captains.

5.5 The Committee has the right to refuse any transfer if it is deemed that the transfer will have a detrimental effect on the competition. In the case where a transfer is refused the player has the right to appeal the decision in accordance with Bylaw 7 (Protests and Disputes).


6.1 Preliminary and Semi Finals: Teams that finish higher on the home and away ladder will be the home side for finals and the selection of venues and tables will be at the Committees’ discretion and respecting the home sides priorities.

6.2 Grand Final to be played on 1 table observing Bylaw 3.1(c) and the first team to 14 wins deemed the winner.

6.3 Players must play at least half of the total matches in a season to qualify for Finals  FIFO workers and anyone having sickness issues etc. must put in writing, to the committee, to apply for dispensation 30 days before finals begin.  This allows the committee time to discuss whether to play or not.  Doubles games are not included.

            (a) If a player de-registers, his/her matches/games are erased.

6.4 No team shall play in any final round unless all fees, fines and other charges have been paid. If the team fees are not paid by the end of the qualifying rounds the team members cannot play in any events, finals or have member prices at windup until fees are paid in full.

6.5 During Grand Final matches adjudicators will be assigned to each to table to adjudicate games. They must be sober and will not smoke or drink whilst adjudicating.


7.1 Any complaints, protests, disputes, charges and other action by members are to be in writing and in the hands of the Association President or Secretary within 72 hours of the event occurring accompanied by a $10.00 fee. $10.00 to be refunded to team/club if proven right.

7.2 The Association must give not less than 7 days written notice of place, time and date of hearing to all parties involved. If a hearing is called during the finals, notice of place, time and date is at the Committee’s discretion.

7.3 Any teams involved in a hearing who are not represented will lose the protest and will have no right of appeal.

7.4 Any club/team may appeal against any finding of the Committee by lodging notice in writing to the Association President or Secretary within 14 days of the finding accompanied with a $10.00 fee. Appeal monies to be refunded if appeal upheld.

7.5 Where any appeal is lodged the imposition of the penalty is stayed until the appeal is heard by the Committee.


8.1 The results shall be recorded on the Association standard form.

8.2 The home team to keep score. The original copy to be forwarded to the Association, the duplicate copy given to the visitors. The Associations copy is a prima facie evidence of the results of all games, matches and individual performances subject to any ruling by the protests and disputes committee. The score sheet must be signed by both captains regardless of any protests.

8.3 In the event of a team forfeiting the points awarded will be 2 points (as is normal for a win) plus a 14 – 0 win for percentage. The team that has forfeited the match will receive no points and a 0 – 27 percentage. Where a team forfeits the other team submits the score sheet with forfeit indicated. Players on the receiving end of a forfeit will not receive credit for those games when it comes to the Top 16. However, if a player fails to qualify for the Top 16 due to a forfeit , then they will receive recognition for those missed games, provided they were available to play that night. This also applies if someone fails to qualify for the team finals due to a forfeit.

8.4 It is the home captains responsibility to place score sheets in the Association boxes provided by the Association at different playing venues in the area. These venues may vary from year to year so members are to be advised of their locations at the beginning of each playing season. These score sheets must be in the boxes by no later than 6 pm on Wednesday of that playing week. Emails that contain scanned copies of the original score sheet will be accepted provided they are received by no later than 6 pm on Wednesday of that playing week. Emails are to be sent to The original score sheet must then be placed in the Association boxes mentioned above before 6 pm on Sunday of that playing week.

8.5 All games to be listed in order of commencement.

8.6 Home captain to fill in individual players results in appropiate space provided on score sheet. Visiting captain to check score sheet prior to signing.

8.7 Registration forms of all new players must accompany score sheet for that nights play.


9.1 In the Association open and division singles and doubles championships the number of frames to be played will be determined prior to the start of each championship, after the number of competitors is known.

9.2 Open championships will be played in more than one venue if the number of competitors make it impracticable to hold the competition in a single event.

9.3 Any member of the Association may play in any open or grade championship providing they are financial and are not under suspension from the Association. (a) With the special events like the mixed doubles and the triples tournament non-registered members will be allowed to play. However in the mixed doubles there be at least 1 registered member and in the triples tournament there must be at least 2 registered members.

9.4 Division championships will be played at dates and times determined by the Association.

9.5 To qualify for the Top 16 the member must have played a minimum of 50% of all games afforded to any single member.

9.6 All championship events must commence at 7.00pm sharp to ensure no late finishing. In the event of the tournament not finishing on the night it is held then other arrangements to finish the tournament will be organized by the Committee. (a) Players who turn up late for championships (grade singles etc) without a valid reason (work, flat tyre etc) will have a strict cut off time of 7.05 pm.


By-law 3.1(c)- Captain deliberately obstructing flow of match – (Loss of game)

Bylaw 3.2 – Adjudicator smoking, drinking or no time piece – ($10.00)

Bylaw 3.3 – Dirty and/or unsatisfactory clothing/footwear – ($10.00)

Bylaw 3.4 – Gambling on game or match – ($10.00)

Bylaw 3.6 – Bad sportsmanship, drunkenness or foul mouthed ie. code of conduct – (Penalty at the discretion of the committee)

Bylaw 3.10 – Failure to notify Association of change of playing night – ($20.00 Home team)

Bylaw 4.8 – Player playing more than once in a set of 5 singles – (Loss of match)

Bylaw 4.10 – Playing more than 2 of the defined players. Penalty to be loss of match.

Bylaw 4.12 – No contact prior to forfeiture – ($20.00)

Bylaw 4.14 – Playing an unregistered player – ($20.00 + 1 point + loss of all games played by unregistered player)

Bylaw 4.15 – Playing a suspended player – (Loss of match)

Bylaw 5.3 – Playing a player not transferred – ($20.00 + 1 point + loss of all games played by un-transferred player + transfer cancelled)

Bylaw 6.4 – Unqualified player (finals) – (Loss of match)

Bylaw 8.2 – Incomplete score sheets – ($20.00 per team)

Bylaw 8.3 – Incomplete score sheets (forfeit) – (Loss of all individual scores)

Bylaw 8.4 – Results not in boxes provided by the Association by 6 pm Wednesday. Results not received by email by 6 pm Wednesday and original score sheet not in boxes provided by the Association by 6 pm Sunday – ($30.00)

Bylaw 9.3 – Unqualified player (championships) – ($20.00 + forfeiture of any prize or trophy, prize or trophy relegated down)

Constitution 8.4 – Non attendance at Delegate Meeting – ($20.00 per each offense)

Constitution 7.4 – Non payment of fines and other charges – (Loss of 1 point for each month overdue)