Conduct for finals

At a recent committee meeting it was thought that, with the finals approaching, it’s the right time to remind players of their responsibilities as far as etiquette of the game and good manners to all players.

Because of the recent inclusion of the Mandurah RSL & Dudley Park Bowling Club and possibly similar venues in the future, players are reminded that our language should be toned down. We should remember that these venues have codes of conduct in place and we are bound by them. If we have complaints, we will be forced to take remedial action. Also, these venues will contain other members who will not be there to play pool.

We should also be aware that these venues are likely to have in attendance larger amounts of non playing lady members, of whom, may object to sexist, strong or abusive language.

All the above points are inclusive to our Code Of Conduct and should also be observed in all matches and meetings.

Captains are reminded that they have a responsibility to keep their players in check and if any breaches occur they may be held responsible (if no action taken) as with the offending player(s).

We hope you all enjoy your pool in a safe, non-abusive and protected environment in the future.

The Committee

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