Country Week 2017

Country Week 8 Ball WA results for the “Peel Pool Association”.

Another great weekend organised by Adrian and Adele and WAEBF. Thanks for all the hard work you all do to put this event together.

The weekend started off on the Friday night with the city v country match which included 3 of our Peel players (Darren Morris, Steve Hale and Luke Martin). A terrific nail biting match which saw the country take their first win 17-15 🎉

Peel took 10 teams to the tournament and ended up with 8 teams in the grand finals at the end of the 2 day match play. Results as follows:

Division 1.
Winners in the grand final with Keith Carter (captain), Sam Hart, Tom Martion, Steve Hale and Darren Morris. 🎉

Division 2.
Winners in the grand final with Colin Stables (captain), Luke Martin, Ben Doherty, Matt Gilmore, Mark Selvey and Phil Barry. Luke Martin took out the top division averages with 10/13 🎉

Division 3.
Runners up in the grand final with Damien Bulldock (captain), Jermaine Stewart, Graham Searle, Mick Grey and Russell Hine. Graham Searle took out the top averages with 10/12 🎉

Division 4.
Winners in the grand final with Steve Sibon (captain), Glenn Mccormack, Daniel Wilke, Allen Mills and Andy Averill. 🎉

Division 5.
Finishing 3rd with John Nixon (captain), Alex Palatinus, Steve Green, Tim Elwin and Adam Caldow 🎉

Division 6.
Winners in the grand final with Lance Ryan (captain), Wayne Carter, Bruce Neve, Russell Higginson and Murray Birch 🎉

Division 7.
Finishing 4th with Paul Gangemi (captain), Adrian Morton, Nadine White, Michelle Francis and Jason Oughton 🎉

Division 8.
Winners in the grand final (undefeated all weekend) with Troy Ellis (captain), Wanee Mustafa, Suzie Gibbs, John Mills and Aaron Cross. John Mills took out the joint averages with 10/13 🎉

Division 9.
Runners up in grand final with Janet Bartlett (captain), Donna Haben, Claire Marsh, Jason West and Andy Swann. Joint winners of the top averages were Claire Marsh and Jason West with 11/13 🎉

Division 10.
Runners up in grand final with Denise Overall (captain), Liz Powell, Julie Hutton, Dylan Moyes and Kerry Buckley 🎉

Congrats also to Claire Marsh and Michelle Francis in making it to the semi finals on the Saturday night in the country ladies singles 🎉

Congratulations also to Steve Hale in making it to the Quarter finals in the Open country singles on the Saturday night 🎉

With all these terrific results it’s no wonder “Peel Pool Association” once again took out the “COUNTRY REGIONAL TOWN AWARD”! Congrats to all the players on a well played weekend and all you achieved.

Thank you to everyone that helped put this weekend together for our association including our team selection committee.

Thank you as well to Kevin Higgins and Jeremy Bower in setting up pool stat and to Jeremy for running the live streams 🎉

Thank you also to our 2 Major Sponsors for the weekend “Mandurah Towing Service (Keith & Janet Bartlett)” and “Mandurah Indoor Sportz Centre (Shane & Michelle Green)” and also “Quell Cleen”.

As President of this Association I am proud of how everyone played and what you all achieved on the weekend. Congratulations to everyone. Thanks. Donna Haben. Prez. PPA

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