Finals set to start


Congratulations to The Mob. They are the 2017 Peel Pool Association’s Division 1 Minor Premiership winners. It was pretty close with the Mozzies, but in the last round of matches The Mob sealed the title.

They will have home advantage when they play the Mozzies in the first Semi-Final. The winner will go straight through to the Grand Final on the 14th October. Sands Blue and the Hammerheads have filled the last two spots in the Finals. That match will be played at the Sands Tavern and the loser will be knocked out. Good luck to all teams for the finals. Congratulations too to Darren Morris on winning the Top 16 percentage.

Top 16 – Div 1

1. Darren Morris – 70.67%

2. Steve Hale – 70.34%

3. Keith Carter – 63.83%


Mongrels are the Division 2 Minor Premiership winners and congratulations to them. Very impressive win by them this year. They will play the Sharks and the Ballbreakers will play the Stingers.

Unlucky to the Chalkers, they made the Plate, but missed out on the main Finals by ONE frame! They will play Sands Black. The last match will be Ducks of Dudley v Motley Crew.

Well done to Allen Mills on winning the Division 2 Top 16 percentages.

Delegates Meeting will be held at MISC at 7pm on Monday 2nd October.

Top 16 – Div 2

1. Allen Mills – 80.72%

2. Russell Higginson – 76.77%

3. Stewart Wimpress – 70.97%

Next Weeks matches:

Div 1

The Mob v Mozzies – MISC

Sands Blue v Hammerheads – Sands

Div 2

Mongrels v Sharks – Premier Inn

Ball breakers v Stingers – MISC

Div 2 Plate

Chalkers v Sands Black – MISC

Ducks of Dudley v Motley Crew – Dudley Park

A big thank you to all the Captains on getting your score sheets to me. Definitely made my job easier.

For me, PoolStat worked really well and meant I got to bed earlier on a Tuesday/Wednesday morning. There are more updates coming with PoolStat, so it’s only going to get better. Thanks to Greg Johncock.

Big thanks, also, to the Committee who took a leap of faith in PoolStat.

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