Please register me as an Ordinary Member of the Peel Pool Association (Inc). NOTES: (a.) If a new player is replacing a player during the playing season, please indicate the name of the player to be de-registered. (b.) Membership runs from March to February the following year.
CODE OF CONDUCT BOUNDARIES OF CODE: Any member of the Association (playing or not playing) at any Association event is bound by this code. BEHAVIOUR: No smoking, drinking or eating over pool tables. No sitting on tables. Tables, cues, balls and any other equipment being borrowed from a venue are to be returned in the same condition as they were in when they were received. Any damaged equipment will need to be paid for by the person responsible for the damage. VENUES: Members will respect and obey the individual venues rules and wishes during all Association events. Any wilful damage caused by a member to a venue will need to be paid for by the person responsible. Any incidents occurring at a venue outside Association events are in no way to be the responsibility of the Association. MEMBERS: The Association constitution and by-laws will be observed at all times. THE WORLD 8 BALL FEDERATION RULES: As stated in the rules, the individual player is responsible to know the rules. In the event of a dispute, if a recognised accredited umpire is available and not playing in a game, they make the ruling. If not available the two captains will make the ruling. SPORTSMANSHIP: All games will be played in good spirit and sporting manner, the rules of the game and Association by-laws will be observed at all times. MEMBERS MUST ABIDE BY THE CODE OF CONDUCT AT ALL TIMES!! Association control of a member will commence 30 minutes prior to the fixtured start time and will cease when the member leaves the premises (i.e. car park, premise boundary). I agree to abide by the Code of Conduct, Constitution and By-Laws of the Association.